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2012-12-14 Welcome to Tango in Depth! None

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2021-11-10 Héctor Grané, the Invisible Hero behind Pedro Láurenz None
2021-04-17 Habanera Rhythm in Tango – Where Did It Come from and Where Did It Go to? None
2021-02-05 Orlando Goñi and his Marcación Bordoneada None
2021-01-20 The Secret Weapon of Orquesta Típica Victor None
2014-06-05 Di Sarli vs. Pugliese: Contrasting Views on Beat and Tempo None
2012-12-23 Tiempos viejos y nuevos: A Short History of Tempo None

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2014-06-12 What's the Difference with Finnish Tango? None

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2023-11-02 Who Wrote the Arrangement of Malena? None


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